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We pride ourselves on the advice that we can provide, to a family business, some of which are:

1. Is your software the best one for you?

2. Should you be trading as a Limited Liability Partnership, rather than a limited company? Does the saving on scale benefits and employers NIC outweigh paying 40%, rather than 20%, on your “surplus” profits.

3. Regular client meetings will ensure, when trading is difficult, that advice can be provided before major problems arise, rather than after.

4. Where the company is having a successful year, management accounts will be prepared, prior to the year end, so as to achieve the most tax efficient planning, prior to the year end.

5. In addition to the preparation of management accounts, we ensure that the financial accounts are prepared, at least three months after the year end. Thereby ensuring the continued good relationship with not only the company’s bankers but the Inland Revenue.

6. In the case of limited companies, providing a full Company Secretarial ensuring that the maximum benefits can be derived from the Companies Act.

We provide a full computerised service as far as personal tax returns, and company tax returns. We can also provide services in relation to the preparation of your quarterly VAT returns.

In the current era, tax investigations are no longer limited and on a random basis. Tax payers will be targeted and investigations, rather than enquiries, will be the norm. All the partners have wide experience of tax investigations and any, involving a client, will be led by their own partner, rather than by a member of the tax department, thereby ensuring that the person with the most intimate knowledge of the business is the one handling the case.

The tax investigations, handled by the Practice, cover those from the local Tax Office up to those with SCI (Serious Crime Investigations). We are not afraid to use outside consultants in areas where our expertise might be limited, this would apply to specialised areas of VAT and Tax Planning.

We prepare accounts for our clients annually, quarterly and monthly depending on our clients needs. Many clients benefit greatly from the preparation of Management Accounts to help them review their current business performance and help them make business and financial decisions with up to date accurate accounting and business information.

We also find our clients benefit greatly from the production of Management Accounts as these can be an affective tool to help, prior to the year end, tax planning and reduce their tax liabilities.

We also work closely with our clients advising on accounting software systems to enable them to run their business efficiently saving time and helping produce accurate records of business transactions.

Family Businesses
Family businesses present unique challenges and benefits.

We have made years of experience again by working closely with family business. In working closely with our clients we have forged relationships which has helped us advise, meet and overcome the challenges that family business encounter. Our services also include:

• Strategic Business Planning
• Business Valuation
• Corporate and Personal Tax
• Inheritance Tax
• Succession

The tax system is becoming ever more complex in spite of government initiatives to simplify it. We hear from many businesses who struggle to understand the complexity of the tax system.

Our aim is to remove this burden from the client in order to give straight forward advice from the business owners’ point of view.

We can assist in producing your tax liability, reduce the administration burden of the tax system and help advise on how to efficient extract money from your business in order to benefit you.

We will work with you in areas such as tax planning to help meet your objectives, minimise tax liabilities and maximise profits available to you.

Our expertise lies in areas such as:

Corporation Tax
Our aim is to ensure that we keep your tax liabilities to a minimum and remove the administrative burden of corporation tax. We will:

• Prepare corporation tax returns and computations
• Advise on the most tax efficient remuneration strategy
• Advise on the cost and benefits of your business decisions for example company car policy
• Prepare your P11D benefits in kind forms

Personal Tax and Self Assessment
We will help you to minimise your tax liability and we will review your personal tax affairs to help you make the most of all the opportunities within the current tax system.

We prepare self assessment tax return forms, work out your tax liabilities and submit your returns online to ensure that your self assessment tax returns are received by the Inland Revenue by the due dates.

We will assist you in collating the required information, produce the computations to remove the burden of the administration of your personal tax affairs.

As a company director you will be fully aware of the substantial costs arising from use of a company vehicle, in so far as PAYE arising upon the Scale Benefit and also in relation to any other benefits that might arise. We have formed Limited Liability Partnerships for a substantial number of clients and transfer trading from the limited company to the LLP. The benefit being that no Scale Benefits arise in relation to vehicles owned by an LLP, or upon any benefits arising. Many clients have made substantial savings both in respect of PAYE, but also Employers National Insurance.

Capital Gains Tax
We are finding that our clients are increasingly becoming liable to capital gains tax for several reasons such as the increase in commercial and residential property ownership. Advice on the best way to own such properties in order to reduce capital gains tax liabilities is frequently needed. Careful advice and planning is required to ensure that clients take advantage of the taper relief and therefore reduce tax liabilities.
Inheritance Tax
Inheritance tax touches more people than ever before. It is essential that your tax planning strategy will help you pass on the wealth that you have created and avoid inheritance tax liabilities.

We assist our clients with this planning to enable our clients to pass on the wealth that the have created.

We have a wealth of advice and can advise you on essential tips for VAT, VAT planning and how to survive VAT Inspectors visits. We can help you register or de-register for VAT, assist in preparing your VAT return, advise on cash accounting schemes, flat rate schemes and annual accounting schemes.
Tax Investigations
Over the years the basis for the instigation of a Tax Investigation has changed. Initially it was after a review of the correspondence. It was then on the basis of random selection.

However, we are now informed that tax payers are being specifically targeted and Tax Investigations would now become the normal basis for reviewing a tax payers affairs.

As a result of the recent merger of both the Inland Revenue and the Customs & Excise, the Principals in the Tax Investigation process will be from Customs & Excise. Their basis for finalisation of investigations will not by negotiation, but by settlement.

All the partners at Edwards Veeder LLP have substantial experience in the settlement of any Tax Investigations arising upon their clients.

At Edwards Veeder, we can perform for you both statutory and non-statutory audits.

Our objections are to:

• Prepare statutory audits to provide a high level of assurance for your annual accounts
• Provide a high qualify cost effective service
• Advise on the reliability of control in your accountancy system
• Ensure that you meet your regulatory requirements
• Help you identify and address financial and system issues
• Help flag up potential issues that may affect you
• Address ways in which you may improve the efficiency of your operation

Payroll Bureau
We have a specialist payroll bureau which offers expert payroll administration. Our service provides qualified payroll professionals who would undertake your payroll administration function that complies with current legislation. We will help set up your payroll, process your payroll receiving information by telephone, fax or email, prepare your year end and deal with any issues you may encounter running your payroll scheme. For further information please contact Dena Crewe or Shirley Deakin on 0161 – 832 5939, email payroll@evllp.co.uk
Family Businesses
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Self Assessment
Capital Gains Tax
Inheritance Tax
Tax Investigations


Payroll Bureau
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